Sclaaasss! I just broke the ice tile armed with the front door of the psychiatric asylum. I am under Section 1 for the second time this year. I only remember very vaguely what happened to get to this point. It starts on Wednesday, November 1, 2017. During the one-on-one dinner with my wife, I ask her why she no longer wears the solitaire I gave her a few months ago? And she says, “I gave it to my daughter.” Angry, I suddenly get up from the table very annoyed. I go up to my room and absorb ten tablets of a tranquilizer. Then I go to my office where I have been discreetly holding barbiturates for ten years. They are intended for me if I begin to lose my mind or if I have an incurable and disabling evil. I swallow a gram of it, as much a hypnotic dose, without the intention of ending my life. I just want to sleep fast, deep, and long enough! Around 2:00 p.m. I wake up disoriented. I am in a hospital bed in intensive care. I do not know what happened! A strong urge to urinate that I cannot control is felt, and I let go in my pajamas. I feel a pleasant warmth rising in me that …/… couch side “an ordinary physician” Docteur Jacques Delaurentis – Psychiatre psychothérapeute – by Docteur Franck Bailly. Les sentiers du livre éditions